For most people, photographs are memories they can hold in their hand and actually see. Their intimate nature makes them the ideal way to capture a wedding-forever. Couples want to ensure someone with expertise, creativity, and experience handles these moments.

Professional or Amateur?

While it may be tempting to entrust a friend or relative with the task of taking photographs at the wedding, most professionals agree this is a mistake. It may save a little money, but it wonít get a professional-quality product at the end. And rememberóthis is forever! "Professional photographers are always learning new techniques and updating their equipment to give their clients the best photos possible," explains our expert. "A professional is trained in lighting, posing, composition, and making sure no detail is overlooked." Besides having a trained eye, an expert photographer also has the most current equipment, and itís professional equipment, too. He or she uses professional grade film and has the film developed at a high-quality lab. This ensures the best-quality photos. "Anyone can take a picture," our expert points out, "but only a professional can produce portraits."